Industrial Fruit Drying Machine

Bulk-drying fruits (apples, grapes, mango, lemon, etc.) with industrial drying equipment can preserve the fruits and extends their shelf life by preventing the growth of microorganisms that thrive in a moist environment.

We can provide different types of industrial fruit dryers, including mesh belt dryers, drying ovens, and vacuum freeze dryers.

When choosing a suitable one, you need to consider factors from capacity to energy efficiency, drying method, maintenance requirements and cost.

    Mesh Belt Dryer for Fruit Drying

    Mesh Belt Drying for Fruits

    It is an ideal choice for bulk-drying fruits as it provides an even drying process, ensuring that the fruits are dried uniformly, and prevents the fruits from sticking together.


    • Efficient drying
    • Even heat distribution
    • High capacity
    • Versatility
    • Cost-effective


    • Limited control on the drying process
    • Energy consumption
    • Maintenance

      Hot Air Circulating Oven for Fruit Drying

      The fruit slices are placed on trays or racks inside the chamber, and the hot air is circulated around them, removing moisture and drying them. The temperature and airflow can be adjusted to optimize the drying process for different types of fruit, ensuring that they are dried quickly and evenly without becoming overcooked or burned.


      • Faster drying time
      • Retain nutrients
      • Hygienic


      • Risk of overheating
      • Limited capacity
      • Uneven heat distribution

        Hot Air Circulating Oven for Fruits

        Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Fruit Drying

        Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Fruit Drying

        A vacuum freeze dryer can allow the fruit to retain much of its flavor, aroma, color, and nutritional value. In this process, the fruit is frozen and placed in a vacuum chamber. Then heated slightly, making the moisture sublimate directly from a solid state to a vapor.


        • Retains nutrients & flavor
        • Reduces enzymatic browning
        • Longer shelf life


        • Expensive
        • Time-consuming
        • Not suitable for all fruits

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