Dryer Machine Applied In Pigment Industry

High efficiency, low consumption, and low pollution have become the main indicators of a set of high quality pagment drying machine.

These indicators have important practical significance for the majority of pigment manufacturers to effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs, and improve market competitiveness.

    Iron Oxide Pigment Dryer

    Iron oxide is the second largest inorganic pigment after titanium dioxide and the largest color inorganic pigment.

    Mesh Belt Dryer
    Mesh Belt Dryer (2)
    Mesh Belt Dryer (3)

    Belt dryers have also been used in the pigment industry for several years. According to the characteristics of belt dryers and pigment drying, Griffin Machinery has specially designed belt dryers for iron oxide pigment drying.

    By increasing the circulating air volume, adding an air supply and uniform air plate in the equipment, and designing different circulation methods and moisture removal amounts in different drying stages, the production efficiency of the special belt dryer for pigments is getting higher and higher, and the degree of automation is improved. The consumption is getting lower and lower, the product quality is stable, and there is basically no dust when drying.

    Improvement Measures

    1. Use Suitable Forming Machines

    The uniform molding of the material will shorten the drying time, improve the productivity and reduce the consumption. Uneven molding will artificially increase the drying time, and at the same time, it will cause uneven spreading on the entire mesh surface, short-circuit the hot air, increase the moisture exhaust temperature, and waste energy. The dust entrainment is serious, which increases the load of the exhaust gas treatment device.

    2. Reasonable Arrangement of Air Volume in The Drying Oven

    The circulating hot air in the drying box is distributed evenly on the entire mesh surface as much as possible, so the design of the air outlet and return air position should be reasonable, and the short-circuit phenomenon of the air should be avoided as much as possible, because the heat transfer coefficient of the system is related to the wind speed passing through the material during the drying process. The wind speed can increase the heat transfer coefficient of the system, and increasing the heat transfer coefficient of the system can improve the drying capacity in the constant speed drying stage. Air baffles should be added on both sides of the mesh belt. Due to the increased resistance after the mesh belt is fed, the hot air is likely to be short-circuited from both sides of the mesh belt. Drying efficiency will decrease.

    3. Reasonable Control of Moisture Removal

    The amount of dehumidifying air will affect the energy consumption and production efficiency of drying. The amount of dehumidifying air will improve productivity, but increase energy consumption. Therefore, it is also important to choose the appropriate amount of dehumidifying air.

    Iron Oxide Inorganic Pigment Dryer's Working Principle

    The iron oxide wet material is evenly spread on the mesh belt by the feeder, and the mesh belt is made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire mesh. Driven by the transmission to move in the dryer. The dryer consists of several units, each unit circulates the hot air independently, part of the exhaust gas is discharged by a special dehumidification fan, and the exhaust gas is controlled by a regulating valve. Dry and remove moisture. The mesh belt moves slowly, and the running speed can be freely adjusted according to the material temperature, and the dried finished product continuously falls into the receiver. The upper and lower circulation units can be flexibly equipped according to user needs, and the number of units can be selected according to needs.

    Iron Oxide Pigment Dryer Structure

    The iron oxide special belt dryer system includes: pigment molding system, cloth system, conveying system, heating unit, exhaust gas treatment system, electrical control system, etc.

    Pigment Molding System

    Due to the process differences of various enterprises, the moisture content of the pigment filter cake is not the same, and the use of different molding systems according to different moisture content will help the belt dryer to exert its capacity. A suitable molding system has a direct impact on drying uniformity, equipment production capacity, energy consumption, and exhaust gas treatment devices.

    Cloth System

    Generally, the rotary type, the swing type and the pair of roller extrusion type do not need a cloth system. Their discharge width is generally the same as the width of the belt dryer. The extrusion molding system needs a cloth system, which is a composite The moving belt spreads the extruded material evenly on the mesh belt through two-dimensional motion.

    Conveyor System

    The conveying system uses the mesh belt to be dragged by the chains on both sides and rotates in the drying box. The conveying system should consider the bearing capacity of the mesh belt. Due to the heavy wet material, the lower support rod of the mesh belt must be dense, and generally one is connected to one support rod. . There should be baffles on both sides of the mesh belt, on the one hand to prevent material leakage, on the other hand to prevent the short circuit of hot air, which affects the drying ability.

    Drying Unit

    The belt dryer is generally divided into seven to eight independent circulation units. Each unit is heated separately. Different heating temperatures are used according to different stages of drying. The box is insulated, equipped with heaters, circulating fans, and inspection doors.

    Exhaust Gas Treatment System

    The exhaust gas treatment system and the equipment moisture removal system are connected together, and the pulse bag filter is mainly used. The moisture removal system of the belt dryer is divided into two stages. In the first stage, due to the high moisture content of the material, almost no dust escapes when the molding state is good, so the first stage exhaust gas is directly discharged, and the second stage is pulsed. Bag filter.

    Electrical Control System

    The operation of the belt dryer is relatively simple, mainly including the temperature control, the operation and speed regulation of the conveyor mesh belt, the operation of the fan, the interlocking of each system, etc. Each unit can independently set and automatically control the temperature through the steam proportional control valve.

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