Closed Loop Spray Dryer

  • Prevent product oxidation and improve product quality.
  • It is easy to realize dust-free and aseptic operation.
  • The solvent in the feed liquid can be recovered.
  • Improve the preservation of aromatic ingredients.
  • It can dry combustible liquid or carry out cooling granulation.
  • It can dry materials with strong heat sensitivity.
  • It can achieve low pollution and no pollution.
  • The deodorizing device can be omitted.
  • It can achieve low-temperature drying below 100 degrees Celsius.

Working Principle

Closed loop spray dryer works in a closed environment. The system uses inert gas (such as nitrogen) as the drying medium. It requires an explosion-proof and anti-oxidation spray drying process. It is specially used for hydrocarbons (such as ethanol, methanol, acetone, normal Hexane, butanol, DMF, toluene, etc.) organic solvent suspension, the whole process product has no oxidation, the medium can be recovered, and the inert gas (such as nitrogen) can be recycled.

The inert gas is heated by the heater and then enters the drying tower, the liquid material is transported to the atomizer by the feed pump, the powdery material atomized by the atomizer is discharged from the bottom of the tower, and the evaporated organic solvent gas is under the negative pressure of the fan. , after the dust trapped in the gas is dedusted by the cyclone separator and spray tower, the saturated organic solvent gas is condensed into a liquid by the condenser and discharged from the condenser, and the non-condensable gas medium is continuously heated as a dry moisture carrier in the system Recycle. If the internal pressure drops, the pressure transmitter will automatically control the intake air volume to ensure the system pressure balance.

Applicable Products

  • Non-oxide ceramics (AeN, Si3N4, etc.), cemented carbide, high-performance battery materials, etc.
  • Seasonings, health products.
  • Pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic medicines.
  • Synthetic resin, paraffin.
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