Vacuum Drying Oven

  • The inner and outer walls of the oven are SUS304 stainless steel, full welding, and to achieve the outer surface of the box is flat, smooth, consistent color, overall beautiful, no obvious bump phenomenon.
  • Oven internal walls also adopt a full welding process, no scurrying wind phenomenon, and make the equipment easy to clean. No water seepage in the insulation layer, to ensure the cleanliness of each drying material.
  • The connection between oven door and the body adopts a high temperature resistant non-toxic silicone rubber sealing ring, sealing performance is excellent. The insulation layer of the oven adopts superfine glass wool, with good heat preservation performance.
  • The temperature in the oven is constant at the set value, and the bell alarming after exceeding the limit.
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Technical Parameters

ITEM Specification
FZG-10 FZG-15 FZG-20
Interior size of the chamber (mm) 1500×1060×1220 1500×1400×1220 1500×1800×1220
Exterior size of the chamber (mm) 1924×1720×1513 1513×1924×2060 1924×2500×1513
Layers of baking shelf 5 8 10
Interval of the baking shelf (mm) 122 122 122
Baking tray size (mm) 460×640×45 460×640×45 460×640×45
Number of a baking tray(pcs) 20 32 48
Drying capacity (kg) 50 80 120
Permitted pressure inside the pipe of the baking shelf (Mpa) ≤0.784
The operation temperature of the baking support ≤150℃
Weight (kg) 1400 2100 3200
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