Vacuum Drying Oven

  • It can get higher drying capacity at lower temperatures and the heat energy can be used fully.
  • It is suitable for materials such as heat-sensitive and easy oxidizable materials.
  • It can dry raw materials that contain solvent and which need to be recovered.
  • Before drying, it can carry out the disinfectant treatment. During the period of drying, any impurity can not enter it.
  • The dryer belongs to static drying, materials will not be damaged.
  • The machine is a kind of batch-type operation and can adjust technical processes at any time.
  • The inner top is designed to arch structure, it can effectively avoid the condensed water drop back.


Vacuum drying ovens are widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and other research applications, for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. It is especially suitable for fast and efficient drying of heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized substances and complex composition items.

Technical Parameters

ITEM Specification
FZG-10 FZG-15 FZG-20
Interior size of the chamber (mm) 1500×1060×1220 1500×1400×1220 1500×1800×1220
Exterior size of the chamber (mm) 1924×1720×1513 1513×1924×2060 1924×2500×1513
Layers of baking shelf 5 8 10
Interval of the baking shelf (mm) 122 122 122
Baking tray size (mm) 460×640×45 460×640×45 460×640×45
Number of a baking tray(pcs) 20 32 48
Drying capacity (kg) 50 80 120
Permitted pressure inside the pipe of the baking shelf (Mpa) ≤0.784
The operation temperature of baking support ≤150℃
Weight (kg) 1400 2100 3200
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