Industrial Vegetable Drying Machine

Bulk-drying vegetables with industrial drying equipment to preserve vegetables for longer shelf life, reduce transportation costs, and maintain nutritional value.

Industrial vegetable dryers are often required to be energy-efficient and to maximize drying speed while minimizing damage to the vegetables.

    Mesh Belt Dryer for Vegetable Drying

    Mesh Belt Drying for Vegetables

    Mesh belt dryers are a highly efficient and effective way to dry vegetables, they are commonly used for drying a wide range of vegetables and fruits, including onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms.


    • Efficient & uniform drying
    • Continuous process
    • High capacity
    • Versatile


    • Limited control over the drying process
    • Energy consumption
    • Maintenance
    • Space requirement

      Hot Air Circulating Oven for Vegetable Drying

      The vegetables are placed on trays or racks and the hot air circulates around them, drying them evenly. You can control the temperature and humidity of the oven to ensure that the vegetables are dried in the optimal environment.


      • Faster drying
      • Retain nutrients
      • User-friendly


      • Potential for over-drying
      • Limited capacity

        Hot Air Circulating Oven for Drying Vegetables

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