Our Services

In order to standardize the content of our services, we have listed the following lists below.

I. Pre-sale & Sale Services

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  1. Assist to choose the correct equipment model.
  2. The technical department cooperates with salespersons to follow up on customer projects and understand customer needs in terms of production process requirements, processes, batches, engineering, and verification.
  3. The technical service personnel shall communicate with the customer at any time in terms of technology or engineering to formulate solutions.
  4. Provide technical documents and related materials needed by customers in a timely manner.

II. After-sale Services


2.1 Installation & Commissioning

  • Communicate with customers in a timely manner when the equipment is shipped to understand the customer's equipment installation plans.
  • Assist customers to complete the preparation before equipment installation, and provide customers with detailed content of equipment installation preparation.
  • After receiving the installation notice, we will go to the customer site in time to cooperate with the customer to complete the equipment unpacking and acceptance.
  • Cooperate with customers to formulate lifting plans during equipment installation.
  • On-site guidance of equipment lifting and connection to the foundation.
  • Debug equipment, and cooperate with customers to complete equipment operation verification.
  • Conduct training for customer-related personnel and the training plan will be loaded into the customer file after being signed and confirmed by the customer.

III. Customer Obligations

  • To allow our service personnel to have safe, timely and adequate access to equipment products manufactured by Haihong so that our personnel can perform services.
  • The tools, auxiliary facilities and personnel support services proposed by our staff are provided free of charge to ensure the smooth operation of the service.
  • For safety, ensure that our staff are always accompanied by an employee who is familiar with the user's site and safety system when they are at the customer site.
  • Provide our staff with a specific description of the problem the equipment is facing, let the service staff know what the fault report was, when it occurred, and what steps have been taken to correct the fault.
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