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Fluid bed drying is a highly versatile and efficient drying process that integrates granulation and drying. It is commonly used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and mineral industries.

We can provide you with the most cost-effective fluid bed drying solution according to your material characteristics, drying requirements, capacity, heat source and process parameters.

High Capacity

Low Maintenance

Energy Saving

High Thermal Efficiency

    Classification by Bed Type

    FBD can be classified according to bed type: vibrating and static.

    Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

    The vibrating fluid bed dryer (VFBD) is a very successful improved fluidized bed dryer and is increasingly becoming the main type of drying equipment.

    The high-frequency vibrating motion helps to prevent agglomeration and clumping of the material, ensuring a consistent and high-quality output. For different materials, our fluid bed dryer can be operated at varying temperatures, airflow rates, and moisture levels to achieve optimal drying conditions.

    It's often used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in food processing and mineral processing. They are particularly suitable for drying materials that are heat-sensitive or have a tendency to clump together during drying.

      Static Fluid Bed Dryer

      The static fluid bed dryer has no moving parts, and the bed remains fixed in position during the drying process. The heat required for drying is supplied by either direct or indirect heating methods, and the temperature needs to be carefully controlled to avoid overheating or under-drying of the material.

      It is commonly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries for drying a variety of materials, including grains, seeds, powders, and granules.

      It allows for uniform drying, easy to clean and maintain. However, it may not be suitable for all types of materials, and can have limitations in terms of capacity and flexibility.

        Classification by Production Method

        Fluidized bed dryers can be classified into two categories according to production methods: continuous and batch.

        Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer

        A continuous fluid bed dryer consists of a series of chambers that are horizontally connected by airlocks.

        In this type of dryer, the material to be dried is continuously fed into the dryer. The material is dried as it moves through the dryer, and the dried material is continuously discharged from the dryer.

        It is used for large-scale production. However, it may not be suitable for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures or shear force strength.

          Batch Fluid Bed Dryer

          Batch fluidized bed dryer usually consists of a cylindrical container, and comes in a vertical shape, so it is usually called vertical fluid bed dryers.

          In this type of dryer, a fixed amount of material is fed into the dryer and processed until it is completely dried. The drying process is carried out in batches, and each batch takes a specific amount of time.

          It is used for small-scale production and is commonly used in laboratory and small-scale production applications for drying heat-sensitive materials.

            Fluid Bed Drying Applications

            Fluid Bed Dryer in Pharmaceutical
            Pharmaceutical Industry

            In the pharmaceutical industry, fluid bed dryers are mainly used for drying granules, powders, and tablets. They are particularly useful for drying heat-sensitive materials that would be damaged by conventional drying methods. The fluid bed dryer provides a more gentle and controlled drying environment, which can minimize the risk of degradation and maintain the quality of the final product.

            Fluid Bed Dryer in Food
            Food Industry

            Fluid bed dryers are also used in the food industry for coating food products with various substances such as sugar, salt, and flavorings. The fluidized bed coating process involves spraying a liquid coating onto a bed of food particles, which is then dried in the fluid bed dryer. This process ensures that the coating is evenly distributed and adheres well to the food product.

            Fluid Bed Dryer in Chemical
            Chemical Industry

            Fluid bed dryers are commonly used in the chemical industry for the drying, cooling, and agglomerating process, which combines small particles into larger ones. This can improve the handling properties of powders, such as flowability, dispersibility, and compressibility. Additionally, it can be used to apply coatings to particles, providing protection from moisture or other environmental factors.

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